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August 1, 2019

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The Politics of Fast Food

September 21, 2017

Recently with guilt, as I headed to P2 headquarters for a meeting, I hungered for something unexpected. A crisp chicken sandwich with sweet dill pickles and a side of special sauce (sweet tangy honey mustardy sauce) with waffle fries. An Arnold Palmer (half iced tea half lemonade). Not to mention, (what seems like) perfect customer  service and a hint of the good ole' south. Where did I stop?



The thing is, CEO Dan T. Cathy publicly disapproved of fundamental rights for homosexuals. Despite company remarks to fix the public relations disaster, the original founder of Chick-fil-A S. Truett Cathy has been a huge donator to the Republican party and customers are a majority of conservatives.

Which got me to thinking... where does my money go? To what ideas? To what values? What's behind this delicious food. One fast food joint, Dairy Queen, stood out. Chief Warren was a contributor to the Obama Victory Fund and an outspoken advocate of higher taxes for the wealthiest Americans. He also publicly challenged Donald Trump to release his tax returns.


Bernie Sander no surprise ate at local joints during his campaign.  It seems that Democrats prefer healthier, local, longer prepared food (i.e. You have to come in).  Or when succumbing to fast food not minding a small donation to conservative values... (hint hint: it's not easy finding a progressive fast food joint)

 The place progressives tend to eat the most is Chipotle, but there is nothing proving that the company supports progressives. Even Hilary Clinton's campaign was known to eat at Jimmy Johns now and then, another conservative supporter.

Ethically you could consume at places like Starbucks a known global climate leader, and a good employer. But they mostly serve beverages, and the question remains.

We all must eat. So where do we get it? Long have the days passed of farming, raising, and killing all of our food. With our decisions, we can shape the environment and future political ideology. The politics of fast food is this. It is politics because everything is politics.


It is not good for you, and despite the fact, your body is genetically made to literally LOVE fast food and it's... fast. And you don't have to get out of your car... Fight the urge not just for your health, but for your healthcare.

Maybe one day there will be a crazy fast food joint. One that will offer healthy food, yet be as cheap as its fast food counter parts.  Where it will support the local community, and fund into matters like equality for all, and helping our environment and it's  customers.

Everyone is human. Unfortunately fast food is just something some people will never fully give up, if you are going to cave (like I'm sure I am) try to go somewhere local and if not possibly think about getting a blizzard.

Know no one is judging you. We all have our own chicken sandwich addiction. We are all human, we make mistakes. It's continuing to try to improve over time, getting back on the horse, that we will make this world a  better  place. Food isn't meant to be fast. We  know that,  science tells us that, yet these businesses thrive. The only hope we can have is to keep trying to make the best discussion with what we know, practicing self love, and empathy for others.



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